Mariposa Acts

Neighbors, we don’t want our workers to be put at further risk. Their low wages already have put them there. Materials have been created here to engage our workers and our community. Be a part of our team by printing and distributing them as you move around the county. Also, simply sharing our website address with friends in Mariposa and around the country will help spread the good news.

Workers Invitation

This leaflet invites workers to share their job information with us in a confidential manner. Suggestion: print out both leaflets (English & Spanish) and ask your copy shop to print them back to back. Spanish is the only language spoken by many of our workers. Click on the leaflets to display them for printing.

Invitación a Trabajadores

En este folleto se invita a los trabajadores a compartir su información de trabajo con nosotros de una manera confidencial. Necesitamos vecinos para imprimir esta página y lo distribuirá a los trabajadores. Haga clic en el folleto.


If you have Pages or Word, you can easily produce posters like the following. If you are an artist or clever with words, your original posters will do much to get the word out and motivate our neighbors. Or simply click on this poster to display it so you can print a few copies and post them. Wouldn’t it say a lot about the interest of our community if our bulletin boards were swamped with a dozen different versions of this message.

Creative Neighbors

How do we dramatize the plight of our workers to the community? Create a Street Theater company and perform on the streets of Mariposa and Yosemite. Musician or musical group? Take it to the streets! Put on a concert of worker, justice songs and share your passion for justice for our workers and their families. Graphic artist? Create and market a t-shirt. Art teacher? Challenge your students to create and post posters. Living wages for all is more a moral issue than a political issue.

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