Mariposa resident Paul Weiss has produced 7 video essays on poverty wages in Mariposa County. The text of each video will be included in the Scripts page of this website when it is released and, also, on Paul’s blog, Rainbow Ground

A 15-year resident of Mariposa, father of 5 children, and a local business owner, Paul founded and for 30 years directed Americas Children, an international nonprofit for children in the U.S. and the Americas. He is the author of Touching The Rainbow Ground - 8 Steps to Hope, producer of the documentaries, Heartleap and Untouched Nature, and the DVD, The Tango of Spanish. He writes an occasional blog at Rainbow Ground

All 7 video essays in the Poverty Wages in Mariposa series will appear here as they are published.

Videos about the economy and the minimum wage

Economics Professor Richard Wolff earned his degrees at Harvard, Stanford and Yale, and is one of the clearest-speaking, most-knowledgeable economists, on the planet. He has scores of videos on YouTube,,, and A good man and a great teacher.

Professor Richard Wolff - 11 min.

Nick Hanauer provides some practical ways to look at our economy. He argues that paying our workers good wages is what creates jobs because workers then consume and create demand for more products and services. Providing huge banks and corporations with bail-outs and a lion’s share of the income clearly doesn’t work. If it did, he says, we would be “swimming in jobs.”

Millionaire entrepreneur Nick Hanauer - 6 min.

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